STEAM CAMP is a fun and interactive hybrid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) arts and music program for at risk and underprivileged youth ages 8-18 who have a natural love for the arts and music but may or may not have academic success in the areas of STEM subjects.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Arts and Music

STEAM CAMP Finding fun and innovative ways to show
children the connection between ART and STEM
related topics in an exciting course broken down
into four sections that all connect Art and Music.


Our objective is to foster the capabilities of each child through the arts, while providing a technological foundation for children to actually learn the science behind the arts. Recent study show a direct correlation between mathematical comprehension and retention by using music and art making music and the arts a logical bridge to usher children into STEM subjects. Forever Hope acknowledges that STEM is leading the way into the future, and we aim to develop the next generation of Audio Engineers, Sound Designers, Bloggers, Multimedia Artists, Digital Composers, and etc… into the field. Our goal is to get children excited about learning STEM subjects.

Course Outline

Section 1 – Science

(Visual Arts, photo, video and film)

Week #1
  • Chemicals that are used for paintings and how the chemicals/materials are made (Painting)
  • How oil paintings can be affected by temperature (painting)
Week #2
  • How lighting affects photo and video
  • The Science of Sound (Chaldni Plates & Ruben Tube)

Section 2 – Technology

Week #3
  • Audio Technology
  • How technology has made music making mobile (Music making with devices irig, Ipad, Andriod, Iphone)
  • Music making mobile continued where students will have the opportunity to make music with technology’s latest apps and the final songs will be available to be showcased.
Week #4
  • (How Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, and affects Blogging and Youtube)
  • Showing students WordPress for setting up their own blogs, analyze data, and use Search Engine Optimization to gain more web traffic which helps to make more money.

Section 3 – Engineering

Week #5
  • Showing students how building engineering helps our daily living students will use a lego/engineering App/model set to help a community to build bridges and or better housing.
Week #6
  • Allowing students to problem solve, be creative and technical while understanding textile materials and textures HBK

Section 4 – Mathematics

Week #7
  • Music Theory
  • Music as It Relates to Math (Fractions, Intervals, Chords,)
    Frequency, Decibels, and tuning
Week #8
  • Mathematical Art
  • 3d Printing/Screen Printing Cad Software

As STEM jobs are more and more in high demand, the demands currently outweighs the supply for skilled workers, therefore significant efforts must be made to improve the availability of training to underserved individuals. Entertainment is the bridge for STEM to usher in the next generation of audio engineers, sound designers, bloggers, multimedia artists, digital composers, and etc. into the field. Also, the utilization of present and future technological tools and social media will be an intricate part of Forever Hope’s educational enhancement program.


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